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Our Four Deliverables

To allow content creators to focus solely on the creative elements of their brand, we will manage everything from fabrication to delivery. We promise four key deliverables in the form of Market Research, Merchandise Production, Website Creation and Order Fulfilment at each phase of your merchandising journey. The scope of these deliverables will develop alongside your store.


Market Research

Market research is essential for profiling your target market and understanding their preferences.


We will facilitate the creation of online surveys and analyze the collected data. We then present data in easy to understand reports that highlight key learnings to guide strategic action.

Early rounds of research focus on forecasting demand and profiling your consumer base. Later rounds shift focus towards assessing the successes and failures of past collections so we can apply learnings to future products.

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Fashion Spreads
Sewing Machine


Creating unique and high quality merchandise is imperative for maintaining the reputation of your brand.

Guided by market research and our industry expertise, merchandise will be produced inline with your creative vision and will develop alongside your brand.


You will start with a merchandise package of essentials with broad appeal to establish your store's authenticity. Over time, you will be able to mold your store's product offering to exactly what you want.



A good website will set a positive first impression of your brand in the eyes of your audience. If done poorly, consumers question the quality of your merchandise which may jeopardize image.

With years of experience in website design, we will build your store a landing page that is intuitive and true to your brand. We will take responsibility of its ongoing management and allow it to grow with you.

You will start with a basic website that is easy to navigate for your customers. As you progress, you may choose to introduce new functionality to your site and we will handle the integration. This may be a blog, database of recipes or a gallery for your art work.

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Order Fulfillment

The backbone of any online store is customer service and the ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner whilst ensuring consistent quality.

With established supplier relationships and an impeccable customer service team, Aventure will ensure that your audience enjoys the best buying experience possible. We want to leave a lasting positive impression so that you can reap the rewards of a loyal consumer base of return buyers.

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