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What We Do

Our Five Phases

To ensure no cost to you, we adopt a five-stage approach that allows us to minimize risk without investment on your part. Early phases are designed to gather information on demand and consumer behavior to setup for informed strategic action at subsequent stages.

Market Analysis

Phase 1

Preliminary Testing

Preliminary Testing lays the foundation of the strategic roadmap by gathering data and guiding investment at later stages.

We will design statistically robust surveys and derive meaningful insights on the consumer base through sophisticated analysis. Surveys will aim to uncover product preferences of the target market and any additional learnings requested by the you.

Phase 2

Pilot Launch

The Pilot Launch will confirm the level of demand estimated at Phase 1 through the sale of cost-effective merchandise. 

We will work closely with you to design the visual elements of your merchandise that is to be printed onto our product blanks. You will then be able to choose what types of products you would like to print your merchandise on such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies etc. Finally, we will build a website for you to direct your customers towards.

Rocket Launch
Branded T-Shirt

Phase 3

Brand Establishment

Phase 3 aims to establish the legitimacy of your store with a wide range of merchandise and more competitive pricing. 

You will be able to build your store's product offering with new collections. In creating additional collections, we will once again work with you to design visual elements that are to be printed onto our product blanks. At this phase you will have an expanded range of product blanks to choose from.

Phase 4

Brand Distinction

Phase 4 aims to create merchandise unique to your brand that helps differentiate your product offering. 

Using established connections with our manufacturers, we will work with you to create almost any product within reason. Most often this will be clothing that is made to your exact specifications in fit, material and style. To name a few more possibilities, we could make a custom watch for a fashion guru , a coffee table book for an online artist to display their work or even a multi-tool for a handyman YouTube channel.

One different board game pawn. Individuality, independence, leadership and uniqueness conc
Watch Gear

Phase 5


Phase 5 marks the beginning of a cycle that focuses on maintaining brand health using continued market research and periodic product refreshes.

We will closely monitor the performance of your store and if metrics begin to dip or a collection has exhausted its time in market, we will act to rebuild brand relevance. As with other stages, we will conduct a round of market research to guide strategic action and then create new merchandise accordingly. 

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