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Audience Insights

Market research has long been used by the worlds most successful companies so why not use those same techniques to grow your brand?

Through surveys and advanced analytics, we help you better understand your audience and tailor content to their preferences. This will boost audience satisfaction, retention and overall traffic to your platform.


What is Market Research?

"The process of determining the viability of a current or new service/product through research conducted directly with potential customers"

Applying this same framework to your online brand we are able to provide valuable insights about your audience.

Case study

Problem: Our client wanted to understand how his audience perceived his content on a level deeper than what basic metrics could provide. He knew that his audience retention was notably weaker than other indicators.

Solution: We conducted a 14 question survey that covered broad aspects of the brand but with a focus on customer (viewer) pain points.

Result: Findings revealed that while the channel's overall concept was attractive enough for viewers to click on, his videos had recurring elements that would be perceived as annoying over time and resulted in early wear out. While these complaints were not held strongly enough by the audience to be noticeable in comments or discord engagements, our research revealed that over time these annoyances would accumulate and end in the person unsubscribing. After making adjustments inline with our recommendations, in 2 months subscriber growth improved by 48% and over 6 months, retention improved by 35%.

*Client purchased the Advanced Package for the initial research and later reviewed with a Basic Package after 6 months.

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Our Process

Flow Chart


The foundation of desired learnings.

Before anything else, we seek to understand exactly what you wish to learn about your audience.

You will fill out a short form and communicate directly with our team to establish your areas of interest. From there we will devise a broad outline for your survey that has an intuitive structure and maximizes potential for actionable insights. 


Refinement of question structure.

Once we have have approval on structure, we will work to create the set of questions that are best designed to meet your research goals.

You will be sent a document with a list of questions arranged in their planned order, wording and skip logic. You will be able to add/subtract questions as you please. We will simply advise on the impact of these questions on response rate and statistical implications (such as bias).


Survey Draft

Creation of survey and skip logic.

Once the questionnaire is approved, we will begin programing the survey for use in-field.

Our programmers build out the survey and multiple members of our team test its functionality before sending to the client. You can then test the survey as the participants would see it to ensure that everything is in order.

You may also make further alterations to questions at this stage and advise on layout.

Man Typing on a Laptop

Survey In-Field

Basis of data generation.

With the survey ready to launch, you can then distribute the survey link for your audience to complete.

Depending on the size of your audience and the scope of your research goals, we can advise on the minimum sample size and the least obtrusive method of distribution, accordingly. Fieldwork will typically last for 2 weeks but is subject to timelines and response rate.

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Presentation of key learnings.

With data from your survey, our team of experts will conduct in-depth analysis to extract audience  insights and present them in an easy to understand report. Reports will contain visualizations and breakdowns of analysis techniques, samples sizes and margins of error. 

Analysis techniques will depend on the questions used and your individual research goals. If you wish for any more information on the survey's results, we are more than happy to uncover as much information as you need.

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